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If I won $1 million dollars: travel dreams revised

Last year, at about this time I was thinking about where I would love to travel should I win $1 million in a lottery.

So much has changed since my original post on this topic. My top place to visit – Scotland – is becoming more of a reality for 2012. My husband-to-be, Frank, and I are planning to tour it as part of our honeymoon in the UK, with one additional day in Paris added in.

Japan was number four on my list of places I dreamed of visiting, and since the earthquake and subsequent problems with the Fukushima nuclear plant, my desire to visit this country has become non-existant. No offense to the Japanese, but I’m a bit concerned about the effects of exposure to high levels of radiation.

Greece was on the list, but it has dropped due to the economic unrest in this country. Overall, Europe is not looking all that great at the moment for the tourism industry. Uncertainty over the Euro and the economy in the EU countries, with the potential for more protests in 2012 has me revising my dream list quite a bit. Even the UK is a maybe as we watch what happens with the economy – a honeymoon during protests and riots wouldn’t be so romantic.

So here’s the updated dream travel list if I won $1 million in 2012:

  • Costa Rica: I’ve been hearing great things about this country and it is very well-known for a focus on eco-tourism. Given that Frank and I have a love of the outdoors, a trip here would be perfect.
  • Hawaii: After viewing numerous shows about it’s volcanoes, as well as great shots from the show Hawaii 5-0, I’m smitten by the beauty that is the Hawaii islands.
  • Australia was part of last year’s list and continues to remain on it for the same reasons i.e., there’s something fascinating about the land down under that pulls me there – perhaps it’s because I’ve seen too many movies set there and I just want to see it all with my own eyes.
  • Caribbean islands: Same as last year : I’ve been only to two so far (Cuba and the Dominican Republic), but there’s so much more to see and do. St. Maarten, Bermuda, Turks and Caicos, and Bahamas are on the list. Another visit to the Dominican Republic would also be on this list but I’d like to explore more of the interior of the country including it’s mountain regions.
  • Argentina: Continues to be of top interest: tango, beef, and wine. Need I say more?
  • United States: A cross-country tour would be great over a two to three month period, starting with a visit to New York City!

What are your travel dreams if you win a million dollars?


  1. We’re hoping to go to Scotland in July.

    Happy holidays :)

  2. Hi Teena – we hope we’ll provide some inspiration!