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if i won a million dollars

If I won a million dollars – travel dreams

What would if I won a million dollars? My first thought: I wouldn’t mind doing another trip to the Dominican but this time spending more time on the beach (this is Kite Beach in Cabarete) and visiting the country.

Have you ever dreamed of places you would like to go visit if you won a huge lottery?

Some people will save and invest their million dollar winnings – from a survey done by the Canadian Payroll Association in 2009, 70 per cent of Canadians would pay off their debts, while 35 per cent would put some of it towards retirement.  And then there are those who look to give it all away. This year, we heard of the great story of an elderly Canadian couple donating most of their winnings to charities.

If I was to win $1 million dollars, I would certainly look to save a little bit, put some towards a charity or organization I supported… however, I would also use a good portion of the winnings to do something I love, and that’s travel! I would take my list of top places to visit and go on a very long trip. I’m not getting any younger, and if I have the option and means to do so now, I’ll take it before backaches, arthritis and other ailments reduce my mobility.

So here’s my dream list of top 10 places I’d visit with my $1 million win (in no particular order):

  • Scotland: I’ve always had an interest in this country, both its history, culture and scenery
  • Italy: I’ve been there once before, but I want to immerse myself in the history, great food and culture more.
  • Australia: There’s something fascinating about the land down under that pulls me there – perhaps it’s because I’ve seen too many movies set there and I just want to see it all with my own eyes.
  • Japan: The history, culture, food and architecture are extremely interesting.
  • Northern European countries: a tour of Sweden, Denmark and Finland is a must. I would love to see the fjords, the landscapes, and to get a taste of native cuisines.
  • Switzerland: For the scenery – a tour of the Swiss Alps and the country’s lakes with several detours to Swiss chocolate factories!
  • Greece: This would be for pure indulgence in the food and culture and of course visiting all the historic ancient Greek sites.
  • Caribbean islands: I’ve been only to two so far (Cuba and the Dominican Republic), but there’s so much more to see and do. St. Maarten, Bermuda, Turks and Caicos, and Bahamas are on the list. Another visit to the Dominican Republic would also be on this list but I’d like to explore more of the interior of the country including it’s mountain regions.
  • Argentina: The birthplace of the tango and a country with a love of beef. What’s not to like?
  • United States: I would do a cross country tour, starting on the East Coast, going along the south, to the West Coast, then up, and across, finishing up in Maine. A big box of a route, but certainly one providing me with interesting views along the way. The U.S. has so many natural wonders and amazing landscapes – my hiking boots would definitely be packed for this trip.

There are also other interesting places that would be on the list if I expand it past the top 10, including Austria, Germany, Ireland, Iceland, and Egypt. A visit to my parent’s homeland of Poland would also be a must-do.

UPDATE January 2014: We’ve been to Scotland. If I won a million dollars, I would still  keep this country on the travel bucket list as we fell in love with it and would love to spend several months exploring it and its history and culture.

if i won a million dollars

My husband Frank at the Hermitage in Scotland – May 2012

What would be on your list of top places to visit if you won a million dollars? 


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