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Lighthouse Day: Yes, This Exists

I happened to be perusing a site that lists all the fun international and national observances on various days. One that caught my eye was Lighthouse Day, celebrated on Sunday, August 7th this year.

Lighthouses? Really?

They’ve lost a bit of their allure and cool factor over the decades as they’ve become automated. Gone is the life of the lighthouse keeper. There was a sense romance about the lonely life, monitoring and maintaining the light at all times for the safety of ships close by. They’ve been around for millennia. Sambro Island Lighthouse in Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia is considered to be the oldest in North America. The oldest in Europe is the Tower of Hercules in A Coruna, Spain – it was built by the Romans over 1,900 years ago and with renovations over the centuries is still in use today.

Although things have changed in terms of technology, there’s still something about lighthouses that attracts people. They are a destination for tourists and photographers alike. Myself included!

I’ve found myself lured to them as a destination as well. During our travels along the north shoreline of Lake Erie, we stopped at several towns where the lighthouse was a key attraction. Along Lake Huron you have the lighthouse in Goderich as well as Kincardine. Then there’s the lighthouse at Killbear Provincial Park (the feature image). Port Bruce also has a lighthouse (see first photo below).

While there are many more famous lighthouses around the world (Peggy’s Cove comes to mind in Canada), there are so many in my own province to explore. So lets celebrate Lighthouse Day – they’re still cool.

Goderich Lighthouse

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