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Elora, Ontario

Photos of Elora, Ontario on a summer morning

Taking photos of Elora, Ontario is one of the things many amateur and professional photographers do when day-tripping around Ontario.

Elora is one of the prettiest towns in this province. It’s no wonder it is a popular spot for day trips from Toronto. Not only is the town so photo-worthy, but it also has local trails including the Elora Gorge Trail and the Elora Cataract Trailway which leads past Hillsburgh and Erin into Cataract.

During the summer period, it’s one of the favourite places to visit while day-tripping for many. The best time to visit is early in the morning, when the Brant River waters are calm and reflections make for beautiful photos.

In the Fall, the colourful leaves make for an even more spectacular scene reflecting off the river. It’s a photographer’s must-visit when photographing Ontario scenes.

Our recent stop, we couldn’t resist taking photos of Elora – the timing offered us early morning scenes, just as the town was waking up on a Saturday morning. Here are a few of the best shots I took during my quick visit.

Welcome Sign

Colourful bridge - photos of Elora

Photos of Elora - one of the main shopping drags

Photos of Elora Ontario - the Elora Mill Inn

Photos of Elora

 Get to Elora, Ontario from Toronto:

Take the 401 west to Guelph. Head north on Highway 6, past Guelph. Take Wellington Road 7 northwest which will take you directly to Elora.