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Photos of Rattray Marsh in Mississauga

Mississauga has some beautiful parks and natural areas – none is as lovely as Rattray Marsh, located by Lake Ontario.

Frank and I recently took an early morning walk at the marsh with cameras in hand. Battling mosquitoes and hanging spiders, we managed to take several photos. Here are a few that I took:

Rattray Marsh

Rattray Marsh

Rattray Marsh

Rattray Marsh

Rattray Marsh

Directions: The best way to get there is to go connect through Jack Darling Park located at Lakeshore Road, just west of Lorne Park Road in Mississauga.

The best spot for parking is at the southern end of Jack Darling Park, which is adjacent to the Rattray Marsh Area. From the parking lot walk a short distance southwest to join up with the Rattray Marsh trails. There are also entrance ways into the park via some of the side streets.


  1. Margaret – We used to live right down there and spent a lot of time when the kids were little exploring the marsh, skating on the pond and checking out the wildflowers, birds and other wildlife. There were no boardwalks then, but I must say it’s a much easier walk now! Thanks for the visual trip back – I must go for a walk in there again soon!
    I enjoy your postings – lots of great day trip suggestions!

  2. Badger Canoe Paddles

    Again, I am blown away by the beauty and magic you always seem to capture in your photographs, no matter the location. Always worth the click!!!

  3. Audrey – I’m so glad to hear the photos have inspired you to visit Rattray Marsh. We had a great time walking there.

    Fiona – we got lucky with great early morning light and fantastic setting. What’s funny is that the entrance sign shows that you can walk through the area, and they have a camera symbol as well. So photography is encouraged!