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Goderich, Ontario

Taking a walk in Goderich, Ontario – Tiger Dunlop Heritage Trail

If you want to stretch your legs when visiting the pretty-as-a-picture town of Goderich, Ontario, head down to the area close to the harbour and you will find the 3.2 km (6.4 km round trip) Tiger Dunlop Heritage Trail. It crosses the Maitland River and then follows it along, high above with gorgeous river views below.

We recently had the chance to visit the trail while driving along the Lake Huron coast. The desire to walk after three-plus hours of driving led us to this spot.

Light gravel on the predominantly flat path makes this an easy trail. Wild flowers and plants local to this region of Ontario proliferate along the sides of the trail, making it impossible not to stop, and take photos with your camera.

The goal  is to reach the gravesite of William “Tiger” Dunlop, the founder of the town of Goderich in 1827.

The route of this trail used to be a CPR rail line, and it also includes the Menesetung Bridge, a former CNR bridge. It’s at this long bridge that you get magnificent views of the Mailtland River and Goderich Harbour, including the Sifto Canada salt mine – the largest in the world.

Past Tiger Dunlop’s grave site, you can continue walking on the Goderich to Auburn Rail Trail (G.A.R.T.) which stretches along 12 km.

Check out Frank’s post about our visit to Goderich and the trail on his new blog Outdoor Adventurers.

Some more photos from our visit and directions:

Tiger Dunlop Heritage Trail

The trestle bridge – Menesetung Bridge – that takes you across the Maitland River

Goderich, Ontario

The Maitland River – view from Menesetung Bridge

Goderich, Ontario

Goderich Harbour view – Sifto Salt Mine

Tiger Dunlop Heritage Trail

Brilliantly purple-pink flowers along the Tiger Dunlop Trail

Directions to the Tiger Dunlop Heritage trail: If you are in Goderich, get onto Highway 21 (Victoria Street North) and head north. Turn left at North Harbour Road West. You will see the small parking lot and entrance to the trail on the right.

NOTE: A devastating F3 tornado struck the town of Goderich on August 21st, 2011 killing one person and destroying many of the beautiful home and landmarks in the centre of the historic town.  Read more about it here. The Tiger Dunlop Trail is open to visitors again, offering most likely slightly different views that the ones I shared with these photos.


  1. Badger Canoe Paddles

    Utterly incredible pics! It all looks… almost magical. Another great find! If it wasn’t for the (Sub)urban Tourist – I would never know most of these places even existed! Thanks!!

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment. Frank and I are glad to hear you are enjoying our adventures. But I’ll be “badgering” you soon for new places to visit, as I’m sure you know many as well.

  3. Again, don’t tell anyone! Love Goderich. We walked as far as that bridge overlooking the lake on one side and a golf course on the other. I’n sure the Sifto plant is working overtime these days, bags of road salt are in demand. Goderich is a really pleasant place to visit.

    • We haven’t been since the tornado passed through, but might have to take a trip to that area this summer. Hopefully we’ll have updated photos to share!