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Belfountain, Ontario

Taking the winding road through Belfountain, Ontario

There are some weekends when you really don’t feel like doing much physical activity. Yet, you’ve got the itch to just get out of the house.

We were in just this type of  mood on a chilly, winter day in early February 2011. Hopping into the car, we went exploring in a new area. For the past few months our excursions had been primarily in Burlington, Halton Hills, and in the Hamilton area.

On this weekend we decided to head north of Mississauga into the areas of Mono Hills, Hockley Valley and Belfountain near the Forks of the Credit River.

The easiest way to get up to this area is to head up Highway 10 towards Orangeville. What we loved about this mini-excursion to Belfountain, Ontario, was the multitude of winding roads and rural views.

While winter is still gripping the countryside with drab-coloured fields and occasional patches of snow, it’s still nice to get away from the concrete jungle.

Belfountain, Ontario

Our drive through this area has provided us with some ideas for future weekend exploring, hikes and places to dine. Passing through Alton and Belfountain, we were charmed by their small-town Ontario feel. Two must-visit places!

One note on the Forks of the Credit River Road, one of the nicest to drive on in this area, giving you an opportunity to test out your car’s ability to handle curves and hills.

Where are your favourite places in Ontario to drive in the winter? Have you visited Belfountain, Ontario?