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Winter at High Park, Toronto

Travel Photo: Winter at High Park, Toronto

Playing urban tourist for a day and enjoying winter at High Park in Toronto, we were snapping photos.  This one – a photo of ducks swimming at Grenadier Pond at High Park, was one of my favourites.

The bare trees reflected in the water create a funky illusion of black squiggles. Sometimes you can miss the magic if taking in the big picture and not taking a moment to see the details.

Toronto, December 2010.

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Teena in Toronto

I thought about heading to High Park today but wasn’t sure how mucky it would be in the trails.

Margaret Antkowski

I suspect it was muddy. We headed to a trail in the Dundas area and it was a bit muddy plus also VERY icy. That kept our walk in the woods to a minimum. Wouldn’t want a cracked skull!