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A Place of Learning: Visiting Sudbury, Ontario

Fancy getting up close to a cute, friendly skunk without getting sprayed into smelliness? Or perhaps you want to take an iconic photo of yourself trying to hold the Big Nickel?

Since my childhood visit to the mining town of Sudbury, Ontario, there have been many changes to the main attractions. Not surprising since my last visit was when I was about eight or nine years old.

Fond memories of seeing the Big Nickel and visiting Science North with my parents were top-of-mind when we decided to explore Sudbury during our Labour Day 2011 road trip. Recently going through our photos, I decided to share with you some of the highlights.

We visited Science North and Dynamic Earth – a fairly new attraction by the Big Nickel.  While the building for Science North hadn’t changed much from it’s swirling concrete staircases, the features inside were different from what I remembered.  You could close up to animals found in this part of Ontario.

Here are some inspiring things to do when visiting Sudbury.

The swirling staircases at Science North in Sudbury

There’s a butterfly conservatory at Science North too

Get up close and personal with a skunk

See local Ontario animals in recreations of their natural habitats like this porcupine napping in a tree

Learn about the body, physics and other areas of science – this fellow decided to learn about how to sleep on a bed of nails

After a visit through Science North, we headed to Dynamic Earth, to learn everything about mining in Ontario, it’s history in the region and about geology.  The tour is worth the 15 minute wait in between groups. A tour guide takes you down the mine elevator below the surface to see some of the original mining areas and gives you a history of how the nickel was mined over the past one hundred years.

Panning for gold at Dynamic Earth

A tour guide showing a kid how to place “dynamite” in the hole to prepare for blasting

An example of life underground

What’s also great about Sudbury is the area around Ramsay Lake which includes a waterfront trail. For stretching your legs and taking in the local landscape, this is an excellent spot. This photo was taken by Hermit’s Bay at Ramsay Lake, just outside of Science North.

Hermit’s Bay – Ramsay Lake by Science North offers trails for those who want to stretch their legs.


What are other things you can see and do while visiting Sudbury? 

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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Sudbury.

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