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Americans don't take vacation time

Americans don’t take vacation time – some Canadians don’t as well

There are many burned-out people in North America in need of a vacation. A study has shown that Americans don’t take vacation time – neither do some Canadians.

An article by Patricia Reaney of Reuters Life! shares surprising stats on Americans’ vacation habits – almost half don’t take any vacation time, and of one-third who do, they still don’t get a complete break from work, as they check their Blackberry or other smartphone devices.

Canadians Not Taking Vacations

Before I started looking into Canadian stats on this topic, I assumed that the situation would be pretty much the same. And I wasn’t so far off the mark.

It seems that in 2010, while Canadians felt the need to take a vacation only approximately 54 per cent had either taken one, or were planning a getaway this year. These results were from the 2010 Vacation Deprivation Survey done by Expedia.ca.

This means about 46 per cent are not planning to take one or not using their days to their fullest – the survey finds that excuses include: not scheduling vacation time in advance to be able to make all their vacation days; they are workaholics and love their job; and they can’t coordinate vacation days with their spouse or significant other.

I’ve taken only about three of my vacation days this year so far. This means I have another 12 days to do. Better start planning… and ideally the 12 days would be spent somewhere with a great view.