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Associating Places with Colours

Associating Places With Colours – Infographic

When I think of Scotland or Ireland, I think of the colour green. When I think of Paris, I think blue, red and white – the colours of this patriotic country’s flag. Associating places with colours may have something to do with our travel bucket lists.

I love the colour green, so it’s no wonder I’m most attracted to travel destinations that will have me outdoors and in lush countrysides. It also explains why I prefer places where I’m most relaxed. A small town like Bath Spa in the UK, with the rolling green hills surrounding it is more preferable than the hustle and bustle of London. Blue is my second favourite colour, so it’s not surprising that beach scenes and lakes in cottage/camping country are also on my list of places to visit. The colours that turn me off the most are yellow and orange – and so Egypt, India… even Arizona, are way down on my travel bucket list.

Colour also affects how we feel – marketers use certain colours when developing logos that will represent the brand personality. Think of how Buzzfeed is in red – it’s urgent, loud, and aggressive in its approach to entertain its readers. Red Bull also comes to mind as a perfect example of how the colour red exemplifies energy. Our perceptions of places around the world, and the mood they create can also be seen in colours.

If I were to choose a colour for Toronto it would be red. It’s a cosmopolitan city that’s alive, energized and constantly evolving. For Vancouver I’d choose the colour green as I see the mountains and forests that dominate the horizon as a canvas for the city itself – not to mention huge Stanley Park.

Here’s an interesting infographic – the Travel Lover’s Guide – prepared by Cheapflights.ca that illustrates how colour can move us and perhaps inspire our travel choices.

associating places with colours

Image provided by www.cheapflights.ca

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I go back to when Canada (and the Commonwealth nations) were always in red on the map. It wasn’t a fiery red, but a more pleasant shade of red. Solid, safe and friendly.

Ireland – green, but not that commando dark green thing they wore at the Sochi opening ceremonies. What was that?

Christine Pantazis

Great infographic.
Thanks for the share Margaret.