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Better safe than sorry – pack two pairs of jeans for an overnighter

As I write this blog post, I’m in the fantastic city of Calgary, Alberta. I’m here for business and my work involves visiting a distillery where I’ll be participating in a videoshoot.

I’m thinking I’ve learned a lesson that will be valuable to those in my situation: packing jeans for traveling, you need to consider your environmental conditions and what you know about how you walk. I will get to explaining this in a moment.

While I had enough forethought to bring a pair of jeans and hiking boots for the conditions at the distillery (lots of walking on the nearly 40 acre grounds; mud, ice and gravel in some areas), I failed to think that I might need another pair as a back-up. Added to this was unexpected rain in Calgary this morning which left large muddy puddles.

Pack two pairs of jeans

The problem is that I’ve got a funny walk. The way my feet move results in me spraying up mud and dirt from the ground. The result is mud-splattered jeans on the back of my legs.

I visited the Distillery today to scope out the best areas for the shoot and got all muddy. With no back-up pair of jeans to wear tomorrow for the videoshoot I had to come up with a solution – a mini-laundering in the sink of my hotel room.

Lesson learned – pack my extra pair of jeans. This way I won’t be stuck with one dirty pair that needs to dry overnight.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation, wishing you had packed an extra pair of a certain item?

Feature photo: Suitcases at Dereham Station by Les Haines.

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  1. I can very much relate to this! I have ended up in the same boat and so, even for an overnight, I always have at least 2 pairs of pants, maybe even 3. Lol I must have the same funny walk as you as the same thing happens to the back of my pants when I walk through wet, muddy ground :) .