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Japan Tourism to offer free flights for foreigners

The UK Daily Mail newspaper recently reported that the Japanese Tourism Agency plans to offer free flights for foreigners to the country to increase tourism. Since the devastating March earthquake, tourism has plummeted, with a slight increase over the summer months.

Those interested in traveling to Japan will need to fill out an online form including which part of the country they’d like to visit. The agency will pick entrants and ask them to write a report about their trip, which will be published online.

However, the country is still plagued with issues relating to radiation from the damaged Fukushima Plant. An article in the Globe and Mail, “For Japanese, Fukushima spells fear” illustrates the issues that the country is dealing with, even now, seven months after the disaster.

So the question is, would you travel to Japan if you had the opportunity to “win” a free flight? Or do worries of high radiation levels keep Japan off your list of places to visit?

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