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Things you must have for travel

Lately I’ve been flying across Canada for business. I’ve been thinking about the things I must have for travel that make it a more pleasant experience.

I enjoy flying for the most part, but there are some things I never leave home without, because I know that I will need them at some point.  There’s nothing worse than being stuck without the contact lens drops, or Advil (for those headaches that can crop up at the worst times), or without the adapter to power up your cell phone.

So here’s my checklist of items I must have for travel:

  • Contact lens re-wetting drops
  • My glasses for when my contacts get too dry to wear and drops don’t work
  • Mini-deodorant (nothing worse than B.O., even your own)
  • A good book – something long and engrossing
  • Power cord for my MacBook
  • iPhone USB dock connector (to power up my iPhone via my MacBook)
  • Comfy shoes – even if they are ratty and old, comfort when walking around is a MUST
  • Earbuds, so that I don’t need to purchase a pair to be able to listen to a movie during my flight
  • Sweater – for the flight, and for cooler than expected temperatures wherever I am
  • An extra pair of jeans (see previous post about my mishap with muddy jeans)
I’m powering up my MacBook and my cell phone at the Vancouver airport as I write this post. I remembered to pack the power cord.
What other must-haves do you have for your travels?

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