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Smart travel with a smartphone

Smart travel with a smartphone

Travelling has become so much easier over the past few years. Much of this has to do with the rise of the smart phone. I confess, I never travel without mine and use it as much as possible to get the right information in any given city. Smart travel with a smartphone is now the norm.

Three years ago, when visiting Amsterdam for work (with a few days of personal time tacked on at the end of the trip), I used my iPhone to find places, restaurants and make my way around the city.  Many of the apps that are available today can also help protect you and ensure you make the right decisions when abroad.

Vision Travel has developed a list of quality apps that help business travellers, but can also be useful for others. I’ve selected some of the best for this list:

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Do Your Homework Before You Go

Before travelling, I always think it’s good to learn a bit about where you are going and what you can potentially experience – for example, figuring out Irish slang with Trip Lingo would be great for these folks:


Travel apps can help you prepare before you step foot on a plane or train. The good thing is that many are free with extra features available via in-app purchases, so trying them out is easy and cheap.

What are your favourite smartphone travel apps that you use regularly? 

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