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Canadians planning fall and winter trips despite economic uncertainty

The travel bug must have bit many Canadians hard. It seems that we aren’t slowing down when it comes to making travel plans, even during winter months.

I suspect that I will see an increase in colleagues and friends posting news and photos of trips to exotic, warmer climates this winter.  Feeling a bit of envy already… but not too much!

A new survey, conducted by Leger Marketing on behalf of BMO Bank of Montreal, shows that 61 per cent of Canadians are planning a winter vacation this year. What’s the stumper is that the survey respondents have said that concerns about the economy are not affecting their vacation plans.

HELLO! World economy on the brink of recession/depression, and yet we are still travelling. Must be an addiction or denial.

The survey also shows that while we still like to travel within Canada (hooray for the Canadian tourism industry!), the strong loonie has attracted us to foreign destinations, in particular to visit our neighbour to the south, the United States.

Some other interesting stats:

  • One in five Canadians is taking advantage of the strong Canadian dollar to travel internationally
  • 14 per cent are heading to the United States; 5 per cent are vacationing outside of Canada or the United States
  • Canadians under 44 years old are twice as likely to be travelling outside of Canada (26 per cent) than those over 44 years old (13 per cent)

Despite a consistent interest in travel, we are watching our bank accounts. The survey notes that affordability is a key factor for planning a winter vacation.

Great example of this is a business trip that I’m taking to Amsterdam very soon. Given that my flight is being taken care of for the business part of the trip, I have decided to stay a few extra days, use up some of my vacation days and enjoy exploring the city. Paying only for my hotel accommodations and food for a few days is less expensive than also having a flight cost, even if it is off-season. So I’m enjoying and SAVING!

Expect posts on this suburban gal’s adventures in Amsterdam to be posted in the coming weeks!

For more information about the survey, check out the news release.

Are you planning to take a winter vacation this year? Where is your destination?

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