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Freshback Sport and Freshback Outdoor

Freshback Keeps Workout Clothes From Smelling

Disclaimer: I received a sample kit for review – no other compensation was provided. All opinions are based on my personal experience with the product.


Complete disclosure – I’m sweating a whole lot more these days. It’s because I’ve started working out on a daily basis. And my workout clothes are constantly in the wash. However, there’s a new wash treatment product called Freshback that promises to eliminate the smell of sweat up to 25 washes or about a year. This means, you can wear your workout clothes a few times more before they need to be thrown in the wash.

Freshback Sport and Freshback Outdoor kits are now available in Canada at MEC and Running Room stores, retailing for $25.00.

Touting the ability as “the end of bad odours, during and after activities”, Freshback is an active person’s must have in the laundry room. A natural laundry treatment, Freshback uses a patented formula that bonds molecules to fabric for a durable and breathable odour shield. It prevents the odours from returning for up to a whole year or twenty five washes.

Freshback Spot and Freshback Outdoor

What’s great about this product is that you don’t have to wash the clothes as often, saving money on water and electricity usage (a welcome thing for Ontarian residents and our outrageous electricity bills).

Freshback Sport and Freshback Outdoor

I received two versions: Freshback Sport and Freshback Outdoor. As I’ve been working out more than I’ve been hiking these days, I put Freshback Sport to the test.

Freshback Sport is for:

  • Specialty wear and compression gear
  • Sport, gym and yoga clothes (a solution to feminine crotch odour on yoga pants? YES!)
  • Base layers, thermals, socks and undergarments
  • Sports and work out towels

Freshback Outdoor is for:

  • Specialty wear, outdoor gear and compression gear
  • Coats, jackets, vests, gloves and hats (OMG… YES… these get sweaty/stinky fast when you layer)
  • Base layers, thermals, socks and undergarments
  • Tents and sleeping bags (how cool is that??)

It works on all colours and fabrics and natural and synthetic fibres.

Putting Freshback to the Test

There are several steps to using this product, depending on what type of laundry machine you have. As I have a top loader, I had to follow specific steps. It can be a bit tricky and you have to pay attention to what you’re doing and when.

For a top loading washing machine, first you use the premium detergent on a heavy cycle. No need to add any other detergents. Once the wash cycle is completed, you add the freshener on a regular cycle and after five minutes of agitation add the bonder. You let the cycle continues. Once that’s complete, you hang your clothes to dry or put them in the dryer.

You can see the steps for using it with top-loading washing machines:

For front-loading washing machines:

I tried it out on my yoga clothes and after a few sessions and washes, there was a noticeable reduction in the smell. I even tired our my clothes after a garlicky Middle Eastern meal and no garlic sweat smell left on the clothes. So far so good!

Goals… combining yoga and laundry for a relaxing experience. 

While the process is more intensive than a regular wash, the results are worth it. Would I buy it? Definitely yes. Now happy working out/outdoor-adventuring!

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What’s your biggest sweat/stink issue with workout or outdoor clothes? 

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