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Revisiting Mountsberg Conservation Area

Every time we go exploring, even at locations we’ve already been, Frank and I find something new of interest. Revisiting Mountsberg Conservation Area reminded us of our last visit  back in the summer of 2011, when we checked out the trails, the birds and the barn animals.

Mountsberg Conservation Area

A creek at Mountsberg Conservation Area near the reservoir

Mountsberg Conservation Area in Fall

Recently, we decided to check out the boat launch area and the dam for the reservoir that’s on this 432 hectare park. This dam regulates the water flow for Bronte Creek.

We noticed several people fishing by the dam. The Mountsberg Reservoir is well-stocked with large-mouth bass, Northern pike, black crappie, pumpkinseed and brown bullhead. You can fish from a non-motorized boat or from the shoreline.

Mountsberg Conservation Area

Empty bird houses – all the swallows are gone south on vacation

We also bumped into another photographer on one of the trails leading into the wooded creek area south of the dam. Unlike us, he was prepared for a steady camera with a tripod.

Since the landscape at Mountsberg Conservation Area in late November is pretty devoid of green trees, we focused our attention on the bull rushes and other weedy grasses growing along the water past the dam.

Mountsberg Conservation Area

You can find beauty everywhere at Mountsberg Conservation Area if you’re a photographer

Heading back to the parking lot, we took a trail that had obviously been used by somebody on a horse. Horseshoes imprinted in the mud and the inevitable horse poop were clearly seen on the muddy trail.

I don’t think horseback riding is really permissible on Mountsberg Conservation Area lands, but this shows that you need to always glance down to make sure you don’t step in something smelly.

Overall, this is a great spot for fishing and to launch your boat. It’s quiet and gives you a different view of the reservoir than the main park area. Worth a visit in the summer for bird-watching.

Mountsberg Conservation Area

My husband, Frank, enjoying the sunny day and an opportunity to hike.

Our visit was a reminder that we are lucky to have so many beautiful, natural places to explore close to Burlington, our hometown.

Note: While there is no booth to pay for your enjoyment of this part of the park, there is a box where you pay your entrance fee.


From Cambellville Road head north on Centre Road. Turn right on Concession Road 14 E, and then the first right. This will be the entrance to the boat launch area.

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  1. It’s been too long since I’ve been there.

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