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bears in muskoka

Seeing Bears in Muskoka

In the past few years, since having Frank in my life, I’ve seen more wildlife on the side of the road or crossing it than I ever have in my life. The reason for this that we’re so often on country roads, exploring Ontario.

Recently, we were driving between Gravenhurst and Bala, Ontario and saw a sign that warned of night-time moose crossing. I turned to Frank and said, “I’ve never seen a moose crossing the road. Ever.”

Just a few seconds later, we see a dark shape, on all fours, starting to walk slowly across the road about 500 metres away. It was a black bear! I realized that I had never seen a bear in the wild so close either. It was my first time seeing bears in Muskoka, despite having heard that they were often found in the area.

It saw us approaching slowly, turned around and went back into the bushes. As Frank passed by, I looked at the bear, making eye contact with him. He wasn’t too happy his trip across the road to the cottage and a morning breakfast of garbage was hampered by us.

I managed to snap a quick photo with my iPhone camera. It was a “Holy Moly” kind of moment.

Thinking back on this experience, I’ve realized that for those living in urban centres,  we are so cocooned in our daily lives that we forget that just a few hundred kilometres away we can potentially come face to face with potentially dangerous animals.

What are some of the wild animals you’ve seen crossing the road, or at the side of the road during your road trips?


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