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Visiting Eramosa Karst Conservation Area

Eramosa Karst

The Eramosa Karst Conservation Area is a place to not only hike and enjoy the outdoors, but also learn a bit more about geology. What few people in Ontario know is that there are many areas in this province where karsts are found.

Karst topography has porous rock eroded by water over time creating cenotes, caves and sinkholes. The Eramosa Karst is one such place that has sinkholes and caves. With over four kilometres of hiking trails, this conservation area offers a lesson on local geology and an easy walk in a natural setting.

It’s run by Hamilton Conservation, and is located on Upper Mount Albion Road in Stoney Creek. It’s approximately an hour and half away from Toronto.

A few photos that I took from our visit this past summer:

Eramosa Karst

Lush foliage at the Eramosa Karst carpets the ground.

Eramosa Karst

Porous rocks mark the landscape

Eramosa Karst

Frank and some kids were checking out one of the caves.


Eramosa Karst Conservation Area is located at Upper Mount Albion and Highland Road West in Hamilton (Stoney Creek). It’s approximately one hour away from downtown Toronto in moderate traffic.


Have you ever explored caves in Ontario? Tell us about your experiences.


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    Teena in Toronto
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