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deer and baby

A magical moment: spotting a deer and baby fawn along the shoreline

It happened on an early Saturday morning, while canoeing on Percy Lake near Petawawa, Ontario. The air was almost still. Minimal movement was coming from a bit of mist rising from the water and from our canoe gliding through the water.

With Frank behind me, I was slowly paddling, enjoying the relative silence with the occasional slap of our paddles on the water and a few drops flying off them and back to the surface.

We had paddled for a few minutes when Frank whispered, “Margaret, look over to the right.”

In the distance we saw two deer – a  mother deer and baby fawn. While mama deer was walking around in a stately, slow fashion with a constant watchfulness, her baby deer – slightly dappled in colour – was prancing along the shoreline, back and forth. A true delight to see!

I stopped paddling to grab the small point-and-shoot camera out of my pocket, turn it on and try to focus as best as I could with the optical zoom on the two deer. At times like this, I wish DSLR cameras and good lenses weren’t as expensive so that I wouldn’t worry about taking it for a trip on the lake. I could barely get a decent shot with my point-and-shoot.

Luckily I did manage to capture the one photo of the deer and baby fawn so I could share that moment with you. If it wasn’t for the early morning timing of our excursion, as well as our patience and silence, we wouldn’t have been able to spend five minutes witnessing this magical scene.

 Have you ever had a magical moment with an animal up close and personal? Tell us your story. 



  1. What a special moment! We saw two speckled fawns just briefly last week and it made my day.

  2. These are the moments that make getting outside so special. Pure, unexpected and magical. Thanks for sharing!

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