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Ribfests near Toronto

Summer Events: Ribfests near Toronto

Juicy, succulent… fall off the bone… savoury and spicy ribs will soon be here. Ontario Ribfests are an annual tradition that can’t be ignored, if you are a carnivore like me.  With several ribfests near Toronto over the summer period, you have more than one opportunity to enjoy great food. With summer vacations and escapes on everybody’s mind, for those ...

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Frank Big Nickel sm 620x330 - A Place of Learning: Visiting Sudbury, Ontario

A Place of Learning: Visiting Sudbury, Ontario

Fancy getting up close to a cute, friendly skunk without getting sprayed into smelliness? Or perhaps you want to take an iconic photo of yourself trying to hold the Big Nickel? Since my childhood visit to the mining town of Sudbury, Ontario, there have been many changes to the main attractions. Not surprising since my last visit was when I ...

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Burlington Spencer Smith Park sm new 620x330 - Things to do in Burlington, Ontario

Things to do in Burlington, Ontario

There are so many things to do in Burlington, Ontario – this list just scratches the surface, but gives you a good taste of what this amazing city has to offer residents and tourists alike. Since April 2012, I’ve been a resident of Burlington, Ontario. However, my many first-time experiences in this beautiful city go back to early 2010. My ...

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