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Peter and Pat's Pierogies

Peter and Pat’s Pierogies Are Now In Canada

It’s hard to find pierogies that come close to grandma’s pierogi recipe. Those doughy pillows of deliciousness are a staple in Polish and Ukrainian cuisine – and for us an occasional treat. So I was pleased to find a new brand that’s almost like hers – Peter and Pat’s Pierogies are now available at Costco in Canada ($9.99 / 1.36 kg bag).

We received two sample bags to try out and oh boy… we could have eaten them all.

Peter and Pat’s Pierogies are good. Scratch that – they are very good.

They are so yummy that my little one-year old kept wanting more, despite just having had a full lunch. He must be channeling his Polish and Ukrainian roots.


I was sad to eat my last bite of pierogi number four off my plate as it was all I could eat in keeping with my diet. Four pierogies of the Potato, Cheddar and Bacon flavour are about 260 calories per serving. Add in a spoonful of caramelized onions and a small dollop of sour cream and you are over 300 calories. However, for me it’s definitely something to enjoy on cheat days.

Peter and Pats Pierogies

Yum yum… enough said.

Peter and Pat’s Pierogies Family Recipe

The recipe for these pierogies goes back 60 years. The Peter and Pat behind this brand have been running a catering business in Northeast US for the past 20 years, with a focus on Eastern European food. As their pierogies are a fan favourite, they’re selling them across the US and now Canada.

What makes them stand out from other frozen pierogi brands is the use of real ingredients – there are no preservatives on the ingredient list. Real cheese, potatoes and bacon are the key ingredients in the Potato, Cheddar and Bacon flavour we sampled.

Peter and Pat's Pierogies

We tried Peter and Pat’s pierogies the traditional way – boiled with sour cream and fried onions.

Preparing Pierogies

While you can prepare frozen pierogies by frying them in a pan, baking them in the oven or even deep-frying them, we prefer the traditional boiled method.

Although the instructions say to let them boil for four to five minutes, we let ours sit a bit longer at about seven minutes until they were all floating. Keep an eye on them so that the dough doesn’t split.

A tip for re-heating leftovers (if there are any left) is to pan-fry them in heated butter over medium heat. Don’t flip them over, so that one side can get crispy. It creates a crunchiness that makes eating leftover pierogies fun.


Our little guy love pierogies!

We paired ours with sour cream and pan-fried onion. You can also use bacon or “cracklings” – fried pieces of the fatty lard off of thick bacon.

Whatever way you like them, enjoy! Smacznego!

Disclosure: I received two sample bags of Peter and Pat’s pierogies for trial. No other compensation was provided for this post. All thoughts are my own.

A plateful of pierogies - a review of Peter and Pat's pierogies.

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