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No New Year's Resolutions

No New Year’s Resolutions – only plans for 2012

Over the past week I’ve been reading many blog posts from travel, food and lifestyle bloggers about their New Year Resolutions. They all have lofty goals – from losing weight, travelling to foreign destinations, doing marathons and trying the top restaurants in their respective cities/countries.

A few blog about saving money, learning how to clip coupons or becoming more thrifty in their shopping habits.

All these great blog posts lead me to think about whether I should have any resolutions for 2012 or not. I’m leaning towards not. After all, it will be a busy year because:

  • I have our April wedding for about 225 people to plan;
  • Our honeymoon is not going to be a leisurely week at a Caribbean resort but almost two weeks in England and Scotland, with one day in Paris – it requires planning, hotel booking and some sort of itinerary;
  • After the wedding and honeymoon, our thoughts and efforts will turn to house-hunting;
  • Once a house is found and purchased, my mind will be on interior design and creating a cozy home for Frank and me.

With all this going on in 2012, instead of resolutions, this year I’ll be focusing on plans and achieving life goals. What about you? Are you making resolutions or looking to achieve plans?

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  1. Cannot wait for the wedding, I’m so excited for the both of you and your future together.

    Much Love

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