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How to Relieve Stress Through Adult Colouring Books

Coloring Book with Pencil Crayons - How to Relieve Stress Through Adult Colouring Books

If you happen to wander into a Chapters bookstore these days, chances are you will find a table with an adult colouring book display.  Many people, like myself, are seeking to relieve stress through adult colouring books. Spending time focusing on something creative and fun and completely different from daily life, is a much needed break. With so many stressful jobs out there, I bet pencil crayon sales are up…

Reliving Our Youth

When I was little, my mom would often come home from work with doodles made with pen or pencil on scraps of paper that she made during her breaks. Fanciful images of beautiful ladies were a common theme.

My brother and I would draw on recycling paper. These were photocopy and print paper from work tossed out into the garbage. My mom would recylce them in an efficient way to feed our artistic side. My favourite subject was horses… I have no clue why, but it was an animal I enjoyed drawing.

Remember the colouring books of your youth? They were a welcome gift at Christmas, along with a fresh pack of crayons or Laurentien pencil crayons. As a little girl, I enjoyed drawing and colouring more so than my technologically inquisitive brother.

With the growing trend of coloring books for adults, I’ve recently found my love of drawing again. While my technical skills that I picked up in high school art classes have gone, I’m falling in love with colour, creativity, patterns and the focus that comes into play when you are colouring. The best thing is that I’m definitely feeling less stress each evening when I enjoy at least 15 minutes of coloring in my books.

Adult Colouring Sites & Printables

There are numerous sites for adult colouring pages that can be printed out. Here are just a few of the ones that I like:

S. Mac’s Place to Be – an artist has compiled numerous, beautiful adult colouring pages on various themes (Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Fantasy etc.). One of the best out there.

Adult Coloring Pages  – animals, flowers, zen quotes, fantasy animals and love

HelloKids.com – adult colour pages in more complex paisley, hearts and flowers images

Adult Colouring Books

If you don’t own a printer, you can find adult colouring books available at bookstores. Pop into any Chapters or head online to Amazon.ca or Chapters.Indigo.ca and you’ll find options that will suit your style. I’m currently working through the Secret Garden colouring book by Johanna Bassford. She also has several others in beautiful trade paperback versions.

Adult Colouring Books for Stress Relief

When the mood strikes me, I colour a section on my page, taking note of the colour patterns and trying to keep within the lines. Some of the drawings are tiny, requiring a constantly sharpened pencil and a fine, steady hand. Dim lighting in the evening doesn’t help either.

Ways to Relieve Stress Through Colouring Books

I can see myself colouring on vacation at a cottage, on the beach or during a staycation. It’s an easy activity that can be done anywhere as long as you have light. You don’t need much else!

For some, including myself, colouring can be an evening activity.

I switched from reading on my iPad before bedtime for a while, taking at least 15 minutes to do a bit of colouring in my book for a few weeks. There have been many reports that claim that the white light emitted from iPads isn’t the best for sleep. Although it doesn’t seem to bother me – I crash after reading for about 15 minutes. So I decided to switch things up.

After a week of colouring, I felt different in the evenings. I seemed to be a bit calmer. The day’s worries were forgotten as I focused on my task of making the page look pretty. The TV would be on with an old episode of Cheers playing in the background, but in many cases, while colouring, I would zone out and ignore what was being said on the TV.

I was starting to feel rested and relaxed. And happy. I was doing something that I enjoyed as a kid and I was feeling like a grown up kid getting to do something fun and creative. That’s what colouring is all about. FUN.

I dare you to be a kid again and have fun…and relieve stress through adult colouring books.

Have you tried colouring in adult colouring books again? Did you feel stress relief?

Until next time!

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