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Reminiscing about Dan Gibson’s Solitudes

Dan Gibsons Solitudes

I always imagine a scene like the one above, whenever I listen to my Dan Gibson’s Solitudes CDs.

Whenever I dig out my Solitudes tapes and CDs to play – most of which feature sounds of forests, streams, and rain on a lake – I think back to my days as a student in high school and university, dreaming of a cottage on a quiet lake on an overcast, rainy day. The image that pops into my mind is very similar to the one shown above.

I don’t know why this was the visual that always popped into my mind, but it did. Relaxing on my bed, listening to the sounds so carefully recorded by Dan Gibson, I would escape from the daily grind of studying and commuting from Mississauga to York University in Toronto. Occasionally, I would fall asleep listening to the soothing melodies and nature sounds intertwined.

Solitudes Dan GibsonMy first Dan Gibson Solitudes album was the Solitudes Sampler on tape, featuring only nature sounds. This tape was played often, almost wearing out completely.

Recently, I started packing up my old tapes and CDs and discovered the Solitudes series all over again.

While the Solitudes series was probably at the height of it’s popularity during the period when meditation music was hot (the 80s and 90s), it still is great soothing music for sleep.

Solitudes was founded in 1981 by Dan Gibson, a Canadian who loved nature and it’s sounds. A talented film-maker, he used his skills to collect sounds over decades. His collection of nature clips is what makes the Solitudes series what it is today.

Below is my list of favourite Solitudes albums that have been played many times over.

Thunderstorm in the Wilderness

Dan Gibson's Solitudes





 Forest Piano

Dan Gibson's Solitudes





 Woodland Strings

Dan Gibson Solitudes




You can find Dan Gibson’s Solitudes titles on Amazon.ca (CDs) and iTunes for digital downloads.


Do you have a favourite music that relaxes you?

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    Teena in Toronto
    August 23, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Some hotels I stay in have this kind of thing playing when I enter the room … it’s nice :)

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