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Revisiting children’s toys from my youth

children's toys

I have been revisiting children’s toys from my youth and it’s all because of my mom.  She has been on a cleaning mission lately.

She’s been tackling the sorting and removal of almost 30 years worth of children’s toys, books, old appliances and sporting equipment that have been stuffed in the 3 foot high crawl space under our living room.

There have been a few items that I’ve saved and in the process I’ve been revisiting toys from my youth. I wanted to share with you, my reader, two that stood out. One is six puzzles in one with beautiful illustrations (in the above photo).

These blocks have various images that will make up different scenes from fairy tales. Miraculously, all images of the fairy tale scenes have survived… some less unscathed than others.

I have fond memories of looking at the pictures and creating them with the blocks.  They don’t make toys like this anymore!

The other memorable children’s toy is a set of dominoes my grandfather created from scratch. He was a bit of a renaissance man, despite having only finished grade six in early 20th century Poland. His woodworking abilities translated well into toy-making as well.

children's toys

For this set, he used old pieces of wood, enameled boards and a wood burner to create the black dots. He even took an old chocolate box and revamped it to work as a small box to hold these domino pieces.

Finding these toys again is like a walk down memory lane. I can’t throw them away as they hold too many fond memories and have sentimental value.


Do you have toys that you can’t bear to part with at all?

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