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Work, planning a wedding and daily life: dealing with burn out

Dealing with burn out

They say working in public relations is one of the most stressful jobs that one can have. I believe it, because I live and breathe the role at least 40 hours a week, with a goal of ensuring my clients are always very happy with program results. Agency work means you are balancing about three or four clients, managing projects and very often eating lunch at your desk so that you can leave for the day at a decent time.

Coming out of winter with vitamin D deficiency is also brutal. Layer on top of this organizing you own wedding, having to deal with all the planning, coordinating (and often the expectations of others who have a vision for the wedding that differs from yours) and you have a recipe for burn out.

Well, I’m ready to admit, I’M BURNED OUT!

I knew I had burn out when I had spare time and didn’t really care to do any work on my hobby, which is this blog.

I knew I had burn out when I didn’t care to spend a few minutes playing around with processing a photo that I took recently.

I knew I had burn out when I rejoiced knowing that I had an evening with no plans… nothing to do and I could just lay in bed and read a book for a few hours.

One thing I noticed that helped me regain a sense of normalcy was a brief walk on a sunny Sunday afternoon with Frank. We haven’t had time in the past few months to do a mini-break away from the city like we did for the past two years. The last time we had a chance to enjoy some sunshine and exercise was at the end of February.

So I’ve been thinking how I can regain some ME (and Frank) time and sanity in what is often called the most stressful time for any couple, i.e. planning a wedding. Here are a few ways that come to mind:


  • Take a 15 minute walk during lunch to give my mind a break from the daily grind.
  • Wake up at least 15 minutes earlier and do a few stretches and yoga poses before hitting the shower. Waking up sore and with tense muscles means the stress is getting to you, even in your sleep.
  • Skip the shower and aim for a leisurely bath before bed time… and I’m talking about a bubble bath with scented candle and relaxing ambient music.
  • Plan the week ahead and keep at least ONE night free of any plans or chores or any wedding planning.


  • Work out together – even if it’s for a half hour brisk walk in the local park. Even if you can’t go for a full hike, you still get time to chat and catch up.
  • See a movie… in a movie theatre. After all, the phone is turned off for at least two hours. Nobody is calling you with questions about the wedding. After the movie, grab a bite to eat and keep the phone turned off just a bit longer so that you can share your film reviews.
  • Make the most of doing any errands, by doing them together. Yes, there’s work involved, but at least for the time spent in the car, you get to be together, alone.

 I’m looking for your recommendations – if you’ve got any great ideas, comment away! How do you deal with planning a wedding while balancing life and work?

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  • Reply
    Teena in Toronto
    April 1, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    Bubble baths rock!

    • Reply
      Margaret Antkowski
      April 4, 2012 at 8:09 pm

      I agree with you 100% on this. Particularly after a long busy week.

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