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Personalized Story Book

Kingdom of You: A Personalized Storybook (Giveaway)

We received a sample, personalized book for our Baby B to review. All opinions are my own and my son’s.

Imagine yourself as a little boy or girl, and the book you are reading has things you truly love. Whether it is super heroes, ice cream or animals. The main character is either a little boy or a little girl with your name! A personalized story book is one of the coolest gifts that a child can receive.

Wonderbly (formerly Lost My Name) is a UK company dedicated to bringing the magic back in storytelling using technology, beautiful illustrations and great stories. Their mission: make kids more “clever, curious and kind.”  They started out in 2012 by creating their first book: The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name / The Little Boy Who Lost His Name.

The company’s software creates unique stories for each child, based on their preferences. It develops, prints and distributed the books in-house.

Personalized Story Book Kingdom of You Wonderbly

Checking out the book at bedtime.

Their most recent book – Kingdom of You – is an adventure story. We received a personalized version for our little guy “Baby B” to review. To do so, all we needed to do is share his name, gender and hair colour, as well as his favourite characters and foods out of a choice of few (animals and ice cream, respectively).

Beautifully Illustrated Personalized Storybook

The book is gorgeously illustrated. Growing up, I was a huge fan of my mom’s Polish books, full of beautifully illustrated fairy tales and stories. Vibrantly colourful and with elegant drawings with nary a scratchy scribble, these books are still a treasure.

I’m pleased to see that Kingdom of You (CAD $34.99) has illustrations just as beautiful and detail-oriented as the Polish books I loved as a kid. This is a book that will have our Baby B looking over the pages for several minutes (which is ages in toddler time).

The first time we showed Baby B his very own book, he cooed, “Oooohhhh”. This is a sign that he’s fascinated and in awe of something. Normally he reserves this for yummy looking adult food. So far, so good Wonderbly team. You have a fan of the illustrations!

Personalized Story Book Kingdom of You

Loving the illustrations!

While he may not be ready to read now or truly understand what I’m reading to him, the story and visuals capture his attention. Given time, he will start to realize that he’s the main character in the story. The book is for kids age 3 to 10, so for now, he’s enjoying the pictures.

The story itself is one that has an easily identifiable moral to it: be careful of what you wish for, as it may end up biting you in the behind. I’m finding that few new books have morals that every kid should be taught from an early age. This is very refreshing to see in this book!

In the story, the her makes three wishes courtesy of a sock genie. His wishes have consequences that create problems. Luckily he gets one extra wish that returns everything back to normal.

Easy Ordering Process

To order your personalized storybook, it’s a simple process. For the book you want, you fill out the form online and provide them with a shipping address. There are other books you can order, as well as a personalized game and poster.

As it takes time for creating and shipping the book from the UK, the turnaround isn’t quick. For our book, it took just over a week for us to get ours.

But then, you can’t rush a good thing!

Enter For A Chance To Win Your Very Own Kingdom Of You Book!

Have a little kid that loves to read? Grandchild? Niece or nephew? Enter for a chance to win your very own book ($34.99). One lucky Canadian (open to Canadians only, aged 18+) will get this great book, personalized and shipped to their home. The more entries, the more opportunities to win! Good Luck! Contest ends 2017-08-4 11:59:59 PM EST.

Kingdom Of You Personalized Storybook

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