Agawa Bay

Travel Photo: Sunset at Agawa Bay

What do you do on a quiet evening at Awaga Bay campsite in Lake Superior Provincial Park? Watch the sun setting over the water… and take photos! During my one-night stay at this campsite several years ago, the sky was semi-cloudy, creating a moody sunset with the sun playing hide-and-go-seek. Late paddlers were making their way across the scene to ...

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Skydiving in Cookstown, Ontario

First time skydiving in Cookstown, Ontario

Written by Mark Antkowski “Awesome… times 1,000” – this is how I would describe my first time tandem skydiving in Cookstown, Ontario.  Rather than do something boring on my 35th birthday, I decided I would treat myself to a different experience. Myself and a few friends headed to Skydive Toronto located less than an hour north of Toronto in Cookstown, ...

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Montreal City Hall

Travel Photo: Montreal City Hall

How time flies! I remember clearly the day I was walking around Old Montreal, early on a Sunday morning. I was awaiting an afternoon flight back to Toronto after a few days visiting the city for work. That morning, I came across Montreal City Hall – an imposing building with a vivid green copper roofline. Dramatic Architecture In Old Montreal ...

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