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beach in Varadero

Travel Photo: Souvenir kiosk, Beach in Varadero, Cuba

The beach in Varadero, Cuba stretches for several kilometres and is broken up by rocky outcroppings. Along the beaches of the resorts in Varadero, Cuba, locals take their colourful souvenir cards and wheel them along to entice tourists.

This jewelry stand, which visited the Melia Las Americas Resort, where I stayed in December 2009, was one of the neatest around. I was tempted to spend a few Cuban convertible pesos for a memorable keepsake.

Walking along the beach in Varadero is a favourite past-time for guests as the sand is very pure and fine. The water lapping to the shore is often warm  yet a refreshing break from the hot sand.

If you are more adventurous and want a variety of options, you can hop on a bus and head to the town centre at Varadero. There you’ll find a larger complex with over 30 kiosks selling a variety of items.

Photo taken December 2009.

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  1. Beautiful shot! I imagine it’s quite hard to push those carts through the sand!

  2. Great shot! So colourful!

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