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Amsterdam nightlife

Travel photo: Amsterdam nightlife

Amsterdam’s Leidesplein area is a hot spot for after hours bars and lounges. It’s one of the best spots to experience Amsterdam nightlife without having to travel around the city. A few top spots include Little Buddha – an Asian inspired restaurant and club – and NJoy, an upscale craft cocktail bar.

On weekends, people hang out in the many bars and clubs well into the early hours of the morning (busy at 4 a.m.!).  Bikes line many streets, and you occasionally see a semi-drunk guy taking a bathroom break in the public urinals (better here than right on the street itself!).

Well-situated French Fry shops are a busy go-to for those who have the munchies or need to reduce the buzz from well-prepared drinks and cocktails. Chowing down on a fresh batch of chips and mayo dip, with a soda on the side, can go a long way in helping you reduce the spins and help you get home after a long night of partying in Leidesplein.

I captured this scene of Amsterdam nightlife in one of the side streets in the Leidesplein area while visiting the city in 2011 on business.

Have you ever enjoyed Amsterdam nightlife in the Leidesplein area? Where did you go? 

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