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Blue house in Santo Domingo

Travel Photo: Blue house in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Whenever I look at this photo, I fondly think of the one day of exploring on foot which led me to this blue house in Santo Domingo,  Dominican Republic.

The city has some very interesting areas from an architectural point of view. While many homes require extensive renovations to crumbling facades, peeling paint and broken windows, there are sections such as the street in this photo where the houses are kept in top shape.

During a one-day walking tour of Santo Domingo in January 2009, I found this brilliantly sea blue house in one of the small streets in the downtown area. Its vibrant colour made it stand out among other nicely-kept up homes in this street.

If travelling in the Dominican Republic off-resort, Santo Domingo is one key city that is worth at least a day’s visit for a full day of walking about and getting a taste of history and urban life. Bring your walking shoes and camera.

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  1. sometimes houses in Dominican Republic looks like in Southern Spain….

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