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Royal Crescent

Travel Photo: Royal Crescent in Bath, UK

Taking a walk through Bath, U.K. is like taking a step back in time. The Royal Crescent in Bath, designed by architect John Wood the Younger and built between 1767 and 1774, was already standing during the time of famous author Jane Austen.

Her many stories feature visits to Bath and standing on the green in front of the huge Royal Crescent you can imagine finely dressed ladies and gentlemen strolling by or driving along in a phaeton carriage.

Many will recognize the Royal Crescent as a setting for period films such as Persuasion and The Duchess.

I had one fully day in Bath during my visit to the UK in 2008. Unfortunately it was a day of spotty showers and rain storms, including the one that was just about to hit as I was viewing the Royal Crescent in the late afternoon. My camera actually got a bit wet just after this photo was taken.

I highly recommend making the Royal Crescent in Bath one of your must-see places when visiting this city. You can also stay at the Royal Crescent Hotel, and tour No. 1 – a museum recreating a Georgian home. The many plaques on the Royal Crescent attest to the numerous famous people who have lived here.

Photo taken: August 2008

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