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Waag in Amsterdam

Travel Photo: Waag in Amsterdam

Sitting in the middle of a large square called Nieuwmarkt, often surrounded by market stalls, is the Waag in Amsterdam. This 15th century “weigh house” is a relic of the past and is one of the oldest buildings in the city.

It’s red brick and towers draw the eye. Originally one of the gates of the city walls, it has been used for a variety of purposes over the centuries – from a guildhall, museum to fire hall. Its history speaks to the changing city landscape and economy over the centuries.

For people who enjoy architectural history, the Waag in Amsterdam is a must-visit on a tour of old, original buildings.

The day that I visited was a market day with colourful market stalls hawking everything from touristy chatchkes to antiques. It’s a great place to stop on your tour of Amsterdam to do a bit of shopping or people-watching… and of course to take a photo.

Photo taken in November, 2011.

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