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Nature and Outdoor Hashtags for Instagram

Some of the most popular posts on Instagram are landscape images. As such, travel companies, bloggers, photographers and outdoor brands post these kinds of photos. But what nature and outdoor hashtags for Instagram are the most popular and have the most engagement?

Before we jump into the list, let’s look at where things are at with Instagram in 2018. As of September 2017, it has over 800 million users. Therefore, there are billions of photos being posted on any given day. The chance of somebody finding your photo is getting more difficult. This is why using the right, relevant hashtags is important.

Editing Photos is Important for Instagram

People are posting using their Apple or Android smartphone camera photos, modified with filters and editing apps. The style du jour are either a VSCO-edited, crisp but de-saturated look or an over-exposed, bright white/pastel-coloured scheme. The latter is very popular with lifestyle and mom bloggers everywhere. Professional landscape and nature photographers prefer to go with full, vibrant colour.

Some people are using their DSLRs to capture professional-quality photos which they edit and post. These are the ones that make you a bit green with envy… because they are so damn good.


Whether you use a phone or camera, it pays to take the time to edit and craft the perfect photo, using the rules of good photography. This approach will help your photo stand out when your hashtags are searched by others.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words… Hopefully Thousands of Likes

I think what’s so appealing about Instagram is the ease of use and the simplicity of tapping the photo to like it. Also, it shows how a simple photo can convey a strong message or evoke an emotion. An Instagram post can also entertain, inform and inspire.

Changes in December 2017 make it easier to follow preferred hashtags. These changes also make it easier to discover photos and have others discover yours. Some experts are noting that this new move can increase your followers. This might be the case. I’ve found with my @suburbantourist Instagram account, I’m getting a steady number of new followers after every fresh new post since the update.

Nature and Outdoor Hashtags

The new search and follow feature on Instagram makes it easier to see posts from your favourite hashtags.

Yet, I’ve also noticed that many of the professional-looking photos  for nature and outdoor hashtags are the only ones making it onto my feed. So posting beautiful photos rather than quick snapshots will get you more exposure.

Also, it’s best not to use more than about 20 hashtags. The fewer the better. Choosing the right ones can increase your chances of getting eyeballs on your posts and account.

Keeping this in mind, what are the best nature and outdoor hashtags to use?

I’ve updated a list that I shared before to include the ones that are getting the most attention. As well, when you look at the photos under a specific hashtag, there are related hashtags listed. I’ve included some of them here for easy reference.

Nature Hashtags


Outdoor Hashtags


Landscape Hashtags


Other Useful Nature and Outdoor Hashtags


Think Outside the Box With Hashtags

Apart from using nature and outdoor hashtags, you may also want to include the season (e.g. #fall) or also search out hashtags that are related to the season. For example, you will fall #fallfoliage or #springflowers.

In addition to this, consider the type of photo you are posting: #macroflower is a popular one. If you’re taking a landscape image with a wide angle lens, use #wideangle.

Furthermore, the popular #igers hashtag has evolved into numerous ones (e.g. #igerscanada) including one for #igersnature. While it’s not as hugely popular as #nature, it may help you stand out if somebody happens to be searching using it.

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Tip: If you’re looking for the top winter hashtags, I’ve crafted a list of these as well.

This post originally appeared in 2015 and has been updated with new information regarding Instagram hashtag search functions. 

Nature And Outdoor Hashtags - Nature and Outdoor Hashtags for Instagram


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