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Solo travel: I suck at taking my own photo

suck at taking my own photo

I was recently was going through some old photos from my solo trip to the UK in 2008. Oh boy… I just realized how badly I took photos of myself. While solo travel means you are your own boss, there are some things you can’t do right on your own.

While I loved my handy Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX500 because it was small, light and so easy to use, it did have its limitations.  Point-and-shoot cameras just don’t make you look good on camera. Even a DSLR will not help – pulling your hand far away enough to take in your whole face and the scene behind you isn’t easy. Phone cameras have solved this problem but I didn’t have one back in 2008 when I was in the UK. Oh, how I wish I had an iPhone back then.

My poor “selfies” before they were called such had some interesting results…

See the evidence here:

suck at taking my own photo

I look like I’m hating the wind and hair in my eyes. Dealing with a super windy day at Stonehenge. And I’m covering up part of the rocks.

As I mentioned, even if I had a DSLR camera to take self-portraits, I wouldn’t be able to take decent photos. There’s always the problem with positioning a photo so that you don’t have an interrupted background view or something strange growing from your head. Such as this photo:

suck at taking my own photo

I’m squinting, have a guy photobombing my shot, and an arm with some sharp object coming out of my head – Buckingham Palace, 2008.

suck at taking my own photo

This one isn’t so bad, but it was take number five before I got the Pulteney Bridge in Bath in the photo.

Using an iPhone to take self-photos isn’t always the best either. I prefer not to use the reverse camera as I end up looking not like myself at all. If you use the camera on the screen side of the phone, you also don’t see what you are photographing, so several shots are necessary to ensure the perfect photo. I used my iPhone for self-photos during my Amsterdam trip. A bit better than the UK photos but still not the greatest.

suck at taking my own photo

At Vondelpark in Amsterdam – November 2011

Now back to practicing those self-photos…


Send me links to your worst self-portrait during solo travel! I’d love to know that I’m not the only one out there taking bad “selfies”.

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