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Take Colour Photos: My Challenge

Colourful boots in Amsterdam - Take Colour Photos: My Challenge

A little while ago, bloggers around the world were scouring their archives to take colour photos and submit them for an ingenious contest run by a UK-based travel organization.

I thought to participate, but soon realized that I seem to take colour photos without thinking about focusing on certain, dominant colours.

Given that I tend to take many landscape photos, most of my photos have shades of green, brown and blue blending together. I’ve been stuck in a rut!

Going back through my photos, I’ve picked out what I feel are my best with a key colour focus.


Take Colour Photos

I could have gone with a photo of a gorgeous blue sky, but that would be an easy way out. Here’s a photo that I took two years ago of a vintage blue car sitting on a driveway of a home near Hendrie Valley in Burlington, Ontario. I love this azure colour and the chrome. Somebody was taking the time to repair this car to its former glory.


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Rattray Marsh in Mississauga, Ontario on an early Saturday morning, during our walk last summer. Everywhere you looked it was a lush green in various shades.


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This gorgeous building and pond are at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia. I snapped this photo when visiting my friend for a day and we spent several hours exploring the city. My eyes were drawn to the white canvas the wall created for the intricate designs. The white stands out creating a slightly distorted reflection on the surface of the pond.


6762789115 838c9fdb2a b - Take Colour Photos: My Challenge

I don’t take enough photos of yellow things. Amsterdam has a wealth of details when it comes to its architecture. In this case, somebody used bright yellow clogs, normally sold to tourists, as decoration and plant holders. They add a splash of colour to a normally white, plain facade of this home.


8399149908 06b8cf0de1 z - Take Colour Photos: My Challenge

I’ve taken photos of red roses and such, but who hasn’t? However, I normally don’t take photos of red objects or buildings. The red iconic train bridge that spans the Firth of Forth draws the eye. This is one of my favourite photos from our UK trip this past spring.


4972766494 0c35f6e7af z - Take Colour Photos: My Challenge

This is not a sunset you are looking at, but a sunrise at Killbear Provincial Park, just north of Parry Sound, Ontario. We woke up early to catch the sun coming out from behind the trees, creating a golden, orange glow across the clouds.

My 2013 Challenge

I’m giving myself a challenge in 2013 to work on a colour focus each month. Starting in January, it can be blue (not white, given we may have lots of the white-stuff on the ground making it too easy!). In February, it will be red. March will be yellow… etc.

I’ll post my colour photos each month and will enjoy your feedback with each post!

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  • Reply
    Liz Mulchey
    September 18, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    So very cool. Look forward to seeing your pics. :D. Loved the blue car.

  • Reply
    Lisa from Gone With The Family
    September 20, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    Great idea to focus on colours for posts – look forward to seeing them! These pics are all great but I love those colourful boots in Amsterdam!

  • Reply
    Teena in Toronto
    September 22, 2012 at 9:30 am

    Excellent job on the colours! It makes such a difference when you focus (hee hee hee) on what you are doing rather than just snapping.

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