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Travel Photo: Courtyard at Eton College, UK

The courtyard at Eton College

If you are into romance novels and historical fiction set in Britain… or if you are a royal fan, you’ve probably heard of Eton College. The courtyard at Eton College, with its green and light red brick, is an attractive centre.

Located within walking distance of Windsor Castle, this prestigious school for boys was built in the 15th century and founded by King Henry VI.

The courtyard at Eton College is one of the older parts of the school. It’s right by the area where many walls are covered with carved graffiti – remnants from long-gone students.  Those bad boys of Eton – carving out their names for all eternity!

Some of the graffiti at Eton College

I recommend taking a walk across the Thames River to Eton to visit this college – it doesn’t take too long to walk around and get a taste of what it might be like to be a student here. Visiting in the summer is a treat as there’s nobody around (except for the occasional tourist) and you can take as many photos as you wish without somebody standing in your way.

Tip: Visit Eton College during the summer on a weekday – there are few people around and you can explore at your leisure.

For more on Eton College check out my posts on its graffiti and the bridge that connects Windsor with Eton.

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