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Travel photo: Old graffiti at Eton College, UK

graffiti at Eton College

I was stumbling along with StumbleUpon when I came across an article in The Telegraph with a photo of Venice’s old graffiti  commemorating the deep freeze of winter 1864. It had me thinking of the old graffiti at Eton College, the world-famous boys school, that I saw when I toured it the summer of 2008.

Located near Windsor Castle, Eton College has had a long history of educating England’s teenage boys including many of the royal family, famous actors (recent ones include Tom Hiddleston, Eddie Redmayne and Dominic West) and writers. Famous students include fashion and style-setter Beau Brummell, novelist Henry Fielding, and poet Percy Bysshe Shelley among others.

Eton College Graffiti: Boys Being Boys

I dug up this photo from my Eton College visit. What’s intriguing is that the urge to deface property is not a new thing for today’s teenagers.  As you can see, even in the “good old days”, boys got up to no good by carving in their names and other figures. This is much like today’s youth who think it’s cool to tag with spray paint in an attempt at street art.

Most of the graffiti is found by the courtyard, which in contrast to these walls is pristine.

Photos taken July 2008.


Have you ever seen the graffiti at Eton College and noticed any famous names?

Graffiti at Eton College

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