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Putleney Bridge in Bath, UK

Putleney Bridge in Bath

If you’ve ever read any Jane Austen novel, or if you are a fan of Georgian or Regency romance novels, you’ve probably read about one famous spa town where people “took in the waters.” This view of Putleney Bridge in Bath is famous – tourists will line-up along the side of the street to view this scene below and snap photos.

Walking across Putleney Bridge, you find an area with stately, old town homes, including a few hotels – my favourite to stay at is The Kennard Hotel, with its elegant rooms and delicious breakfast options.

Bath is a spa town with a long history, possibly dating back to even before the Roman period (known then as Aquae Sulis). It’s about an hour and half away from London by train, making it an easy day trip.

I had the pleasure of visiting Bath in 2008 when I snapped the above photo. The opposite view is just as impressive – you can see the hills surrounding this city in the distance.

Putleney Bridge in Bath

As Frank and I will be heading to this city this spring, I began looking around for videos highlighting some of the key buildings and features of this beautiful city. Here’s a video by HLB Media that does a great job showcasing the city:

Bath, UK from HLB Media on Vimeo.


What’s your favourite part of Bath, UK? Your must-visit attractions?

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    Teena in Toronto
    March 19, 2012 at 11:31 pm

    I spent a day in Bath about 15 years ago … such a cute place.

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