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Travel Photo: Winter at Tiffany Falls in Ancaster

Tiffany Falls in the Winter - Travel Photo: Winter at Tiffany Falls in Ancaster

We have visited Tiffany Falls in Ancaster, Ontario several times and I’ve shared my photo of the falls surrounded by the brilliant colours of autumn.

During a cold winter, Tiffany Falls freezes for the most part with some rushing water heard underneath a thick layer of ice.

During our visit a group of ice climbers was rappelling up one section, wearing colourful outfits that stood out against the white and gray ice and snow. Standing on the viewing deck about a hundred metres away, we had the perfect view of the scene before us. I was nervous for the climbers, thinking about how painful a fall would be if you happened to slip up.

Visiting Tiffany Falls in the winter requires good hiking boots with treads. The trail that leads to the Falls isn’t long but can be icy and snow-covered. Add in roots and stones and you have an ankle-twisting trek. Not fun in the middle of winter! While the trail doesn’t pass along a cliff, it is along an embankment that’s above the creek below – it would be easy to slip and tumble into the cold water.

Note: There can be limited parking in the small parking lot off of Wilson Street East. Be courteous and don’t block others! Take a brief visit in Ancaster and come back when there’s more space for parking.

Photo taken: March 2013

The full image:

Tiffany Falls in Ancaster

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  • Reply
    November 30, 2013 at 10:31 am

    We made the mistake of taking our first visit to Tiffany on a Good Friday. It was a nice sunny day and the place was a zoo. This time of year should be more pleasant. Same thing with Websters and the trail to Tews Falls.

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      Margaret Bourne
      December 2, 2013 at 9:43 am

      I hear you Ron! We’ve had situations like this when we arrive there late in the morning or early afternoon. Best bet is to wake up early and get there as soon as possible before everybody wakes up!

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