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How Pinterest Inspires, is a Marketing Tool and a Pleasant Time-Waster

PInterest inspires

Pinterest can be a great marketing tool for brands and retailers as well as anybody with a blog or website.  It can also be used for times when you are just waiting for something interesting to happen. For some Pinterest inspires with beautiful images and messaging.

For the past three years, I’ve been using Pinterest under my own name and now, more recently under this blog.

In the early days, when Pinterest was in beta-mode, with a strict invitation-only policy, there were a relatively few people using it, myself included. Many were using it primarily to capture visual images that were inspiring or that they liked. Brides-to-be continue to use it to pin numerous photos of gowns, veils, hairstyles and such. Fashionistas use it to pin photos of the latest styles on the runways of New York and Milan or on retailers’ websites.

I admit, back in the day, Pinterest was used as a pinboard of things I liked or wanted to reference later. There was no real purpose behind my pins other than recording what INSPIRED me.

About a year ago, when Pinterest opened itself up to more users, we saw brands jumping on the pinning wagon. Everybody and anybody was pinning images. There were some interesting contests happening with brands. All the social media types where claiming it was the next best thing.

But, is it?

pinterest inspires

My “Wedding” board on my personal Pinterest – it was useful when showing my florist what kind of bouquet I wanted and colour scheme


I found myself being sucked into looking at the pretty pictures and commenting, re-pinning and liking them. Other than that, I didn’t go much further into the actual link to the article related with the photo.

Pinterest: A Time-Waster

For me, Pinterest is now more of a pleasant time-waster – something to check out during a brief lunch break or before bedtime. I’ve got the iPhone/iPad app and use it occasionally to pin. As an experiment in traffic referrals back to my blog, I’ve started pinning some of my photos linking to my blog or my Flickr account to my Suburban Tourist Pinterest boards, and usually don’t see much traffic back. What I’m using it more for now is inspiration for beautiful photography, places to put on my travel bucket list and to occasionally pin a photo.

pinterest inspires

How in the world did the huge number of followers happen – I don’t know!


By fluke or perhaps because of a spam glitch, I now have 41,355 followers on my Outdoors & Nature board on Pinterest. Or perhaps there are many who like the photos I pin and re-pin there.

There are some who still use it to find products for shopping, according to recent surveys. Unfortunately for brands, I’m not one of these people.

I’ll continue to pin the nice photos that I find, to share with others.

Do you find Pinterest inspires, a marketing tool for your blog/website or a time-waster? If you are using it, find me there! pinterest.com/suburbantourist/

Until next time!

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  • Reply
    Teena in Toronto
    December 10, 2012 at 10:59 pm

    With blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and emails, I don’t have time for something new so haven’t even looked at Pinterest.

    • Reply
      Margaret Bourne
      December 11, 2012 at 2:33 pm

      I hear you! When Google+ came out I was saying the same thing. Blogging, FB and Twitter are my key focus, and email is just mandatory. Pinterest now is a nice-to-play with when I have time tool.

  • Reply
    December 12, 2012 at 11:07 am

    I did not even know that Pinterest has existed over 3 years already. Time flies when you are having fun on Social Media. That’s amazing that you have over 40,000 following you on Pinterest. There must be an inherent value to this. Are you not seeing any traction at all? Is it small?

    • Reply
      Margaret Bourne
      December 12, 2012 at 4:35 pm

      I’m amazed Joallore – honestly, I think it’s a fluke, or perhaps they just like the pretty pics I pin! I’m seeing very little traction back to my blog, so it makes me believe that many people are on there for the same reason I use it… i.e. to waste a bit of time. I prefer using Stumbleupon for more in-depth reading opportunities.

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