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Review Delta Montreal

Review: Delta Montreal

The Delta Hotel chain keeps on impressing me. With Delta’s focused effort on updating their hotel properties across Canada, the experience of staying at one keeps improving as well. My recent experience while travelling for business, has inspired me to review Delta Montreal – a location I’d stay at once again when visiting the city.

Customer service is excellent here – the moment you step through the door, you see one of the staff who greets you with a smile and a Bonjour! Hello! They point out the check-in desk, where the process is smooth and efficient. You know that you will be able to coordinate your stay without issues.

My check-in person did an excellent job describing the features of my access to the 23rd floor club lounge – complimentary Happy Hour and breakfast. Taking advantage of a deal, I had booked myself into the ModeClub Room, which was a bit more comfortable and on the 22nd floor. I’m not a fan of sleeping closer to the street as often I get woken up by the sound of a dump truck or siren when on a lower floor.

Within a matter of minutes, I had my room card and was heading to the elevators. Some of the lobby design elements are a bit dated. Mirrors and trims are reminiscent of the 1980s but you can overlook this. After all, you aren’t staying at the lobby but in one of the rooms.

Much of the hotel had been renovated in 2012, so the look and feel is clean and up-to-date in the rooms.

My room was spacious – a huge King-sized bed with a super-comfortable mattress that molded to my body took up the area by the window. A long desk with a flat screen TV mounted above it on a swivel bracket gave me enough room to place my laptop, my small carry-on suitcase and bag.

What really appealed to me was the clean bathroom with a large shower stall and rainmaker. Sometimes you see mould and mildew build-up in shower stalls or bathtubs, and the shower heads barely work. This wasn’t the case with my room’s shower. Not a speck of mould or soap stains and both shower heads worked perfectly.

Review Delta Montreal

What was nice to see was that the counter top and sink by the mirror weren’t too high. In some hotels, the high placement of the countertop means that anybody shorter than 5’4″ needs a stool to get their head over the sink.

In addition to the typical shower gel, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner, you also had access to a mini-bottle of Scope and a mini-toiletry kit.

Review Delta Montreal

Given my lack of time, I decided to have lunch in my room before my client event. As with any menu, unless you’ve had food there before, it’s sometimes hard to figure out what will be enough to satisfy you. The attendant for food service was very helpful in giving me suggestions for a light lunch. I opted for the warm brie cheese, dried fruit and salad, paired with a plate of crab croquettes on chipotle aioli. Enough to satisfy your hunger but leave you not feeling overly full.

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The only thing that was a bit noisy was the loud fan for the air, which gave off a fairly loud hum behind a locked door in my room. It didn’t deter me from a good night’s sleep after a busy, tiring day.

Would I stay here again? Most definitely. Would I recommend it? Yes – particularly for anybody who is in Montreal for business. The location is by McGill University and close to the subway system.  The cost is reasonable in comparison to the exorbitant prices for a comparable room in Toronto.

Review Delta Montreal

View of the mountain and Rue Durocher

Kudos to team at this hotel for the great service and comfortable stay. I couldn’t help but review Delta Montreal as a result of the wonderful experience I had.

Delta Montreal
475 Avenue du Président-Kennedy
Montréal, QC H3A 1J7
Tel: (514) 286-1986

Rooms range from $229 to $279/night.

Have you ever stayed at a Delta hotel? Where did you stay and what was your experience?


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  1. I usually stay at the Westin when I’m in Montreal.

    The last Delta I stayed in was in Winnipeg a couple weeks ago … it was okay.

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