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Apse at Westminster Abbey: view from the back - apse

The Apse of Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is often photographed from the front entrance of the church or the side, where tourists line-up to enter. Very rarely does one see a photo of the apse at Westminster Abbey.

The reason why, is that it’s at the back and away from all the main entrances. Unless you’re looking at the Westminster Paliament Building, and take a look back, you’ll miss it.

While playing tourist in 2008, I snapped this photo after having explored the interior. The vertical lines draw the eyes up while creating a pattern.

Built during the reign of Henry III, the apse is Gothic in style with pointed arches at the windows and flying buttresses.

Across the street to the right (and out of view) is the Westminster Parliament building. It pays to look back at Westminster Abbey, just to see this beautiful architecture.


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