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Humber Bay Parks

Walking at Humber Bay Park and Palace Pier Park

Few know that I spent my first nine years growing up in the New Toronto area of Etobicoke. I have fond memories of walks along the Lake Ontario shoreline – and now we have the Humber Bay park and Palace Pier Park to explore.

Recently my husband Frank and I visited these parks to stretch our legs. Parking by Etobicoke Creek (Humber Bay Park Rd. West) we walked eastwards about 3 km to the very popular Palace Pier Park with its iconic Humber Bay Arch Bridge.

A few tips for your visit:

  • If checking out the shoreline in the middle of winter, bundle up! The wind off the lake can be quite chilly. A hat, gloves and scarf are a must. While it may be warmer inland, don’t be cause freezing your ears off.
  • Wear comfortable walking boots or shoes. Once you get walking you don’t want to stop. While landmarks may seem to be close by, they are actually quite a distance away.
  • Do bring your camera, even in the winter, as the Toronto skyline can be seen quite clearly from many points along the trail. A walk on an evening where the setting sunlight hits the Toronto buildings can illuminate it in gold making for some beautiful images.
  • Watch out for goose droppings – they are everywhere! Canada geese can be seen feeding in many spots at Humber Bay Park and the direct result is lots of poop.

Photos from our visit on a blustery, cold winter day:

Humber Bay Park

No snow in January this year. The Toronto skyline is misted in clouds on the left.

Humber Bay Park

Condos crowd along the lake, destroying the beautiful view of Humber Bay from the QEW/Gardiner Expressway.

Humber Bay Park

A pond fed by Etobicoke Creek with rushes and other marshy plants – at Humber Bay Park West.

Humber Bay Parks

Demolishing old motels along the Humber Bay shoreline in Toronto

Humber Bay Parks

The suspension bridge at Humber Bay


  1. I love the East Humber Bay Park!

    That area has changed soooo much in the last few years.

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