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New Airbnb Marketing Campaign is Visually Stunning

Aribnb Marketing Campaign

Marketing a travel brand can have its pitfalls – I’m looking at you Trivago with the messy looking spokesman. However, the new Airbnb marketing campaign, that launched in November 2014, has taken a page out of whimsical ads and campaigns by companies such as Cadbury and Chipotle (The Scarecrow) and created an entertaining and informative new video.

Key Messages Paired With Stunning Visuals

Putting my marketer’s hat on, I reviewed this with a critical eye – and I love it. I’m not overly familiar with Airbnb’s service, so the voice-over has key messages that tell me about the company’s services. I learn that I can feel at home by staying at a host’s house or simply one room in countries around the world.

The messages are paired with stunning, colourful visuals using a model train set and handmade settings. The camera attached to the toy train takes you on a first-person journey through various scenes that complement the messages. How apropos to use a train to speak to journeys and adventures that can be had with Airbnb. Nice tie in there!

You also see figures of people who are actually based on real Airbnb customers. This is a nice nod to those who have used the company’s services and are a part of their community.

This Airbnb campaign must have taken hours of preparation. From concept development, to crafting the messages and visual “story board”, to the set and video. What’s truly amazing, is that the nine people involved in moving the scenes around did so perfectly so that it was filmed in one take.

The result is a magical visual experience that’s inspiring, informative and positions the brand as one of offering great adventures.

Share your thoughts on the Airbnb marketing campaign video. Is it enticing you to check out the company and potentially use it for your future travels?

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