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Twenty songs with a place, city, state or country in the title

During a visit to Amsterdam, I had one song going through my mind as I was walking around the city. It was A msterdamn by Partysquad and Afrojack. Quite the catchy tune with the perfect beat for walking at a good pace (perhaps this is why my feet were so sore!).

I started thinking about all the different songs with a place, city, state or country name in them. There are some that are blatantly about a place. Take Viva Las Vegas, sung by Elvis Presley. Or Waterloo by Abba. Others just hint at the place in the lyrics. The A msterdam song by Partysquad and Afrojack are instrumental so the name appears only in the title, and when you close your eyes, you can imagine the frenetic experience of visiting the city for a day or two.

For a traveler, a song with a place name will eventually find its way onto his or her playlist.

Here’s a brief list of 20 videos about these types of songs that I enjoy. The list is much longer, but I’ll leave that for another post.

I look forward to your comments with suggestions for the long list – what are your favourite songs about places, cities, states or countries?

1. A msterdamn by Partysquad and Afrojack

2. London Calling – The Clash

3. Kingston Town – UB40


4. San Francisco Days – Chris Isaak


5. One Night in Bangkok – Vinylshakerz


6. Brasil – Pink Martini (with guest singer Storm Large)


7.  No Sleep Till Brooklyn – Beastie Boys


8. Berlin – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


9. I’m in Miami Trick – LMFAO


10. Europe’s Skies – Alexander Rybak


11. I’m Shipping Up to Boston – Dropkick Murphys


12. Waterloo – ABBA


13. Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley


14. Moscow never sleeps – DJ Smash & Fast Food

 (Apparently the Russian women never sleep in Moscow – always working!)


15. El Paso, El Paso City – Marty Robbins

(Two oldies, but listen carefully to the words – quite beautiful!)


16. China Girl – David Bowie


17. Detroit ’67 – Sam Roberts


18. Istanbul Not Constantinople – They Might Be Giants


19. Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel

(A real place in Somerset, England)


20. Bobcaygeon – The Tragically Hip

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