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Resources For Bar Tools and Cocktail Supplies In Canada

Cocktail Supplies in Canada

Cocktail culture is a trending thing in North America. But the question is – where can you find quality bar tools and cocktail supplies in Canada?

As Adam McDowell writes in his book Drinks: A User’s Guide, we are now living in a golden age of cocktails. More home bar carts and basement bars include the good stuff. Fancy glassware is a welcome gift for amateur home bartenders. You may even see a yari mixing glass with a bar spoon, waiting to be filled up with a delicious tipple.

Personally, I enjoy mixing up a whisky cocktail or enjoying a gin-based drink in the summer. As such, my bar tools and bitters/cherries and glassware collection is growing. Finding what I want for my home bar is sometimes a challenge.

So where can you get cocktail supplies in Canada? While many big grocery stores now carry Angostura Bitters, Fevertree and Fentimans mixer drinks, you still can’t find Luxardo cherries. However, you need to go to niche retailers for fancier artisan bitters such as chocolate bitters. The same goes for a nice bar set that includes all the key items that a bartender would need.

Cocktail Supplies in Canada

A Manhattan with Canadian Club 100% Rye – New Year’s Eve 2016


If you know where to look, there are many bricks and mortar shops in major cities across Canada that are dedicated to professional bar tools and cocktail supplies. Many also have online stores that easily ship items across the country.

As Fall and winter are whisky season, I enjoy making whisky cocktails. That’s when my cocktail gear gets much use!

Top Retailers and Brands For Cocktail Supplies In Canada

This list of online stores for cocktail accessories in Canada is a good place to start.

Know of any other retailers for cocktail supplies in Canada that sell great items for the home bar and entertaining? Let me know and I’ll update the list.

Now go forth and cocktail away!



Until next time!

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