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Tips On How To Get Active Outdoors: Get Off Your Butt and Into Shape

Getting Outside - Tips on how to get active outdoors

Whether it’s the winter or the summer period, there are always excuses to be found as to why you don’t get active outdoors. It’s too cold or too hot. It’s raining or it’s snowing. Well… no more excuses! Don’t Blame The Weather It’s you. Only you to blame. The weather always gets blamed on why you aren’t taking an extra thousand, or two thousand steps around the neighbourhood. My husband Frank stumbled upon this page with simple lines that made…

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11 In Travel Tips & Trends

101 Things To Do While Waiting For A Flight

Things to do while waiting for a flight

If you’re like me, you’re at the airport at least two to three hours prior to the flight. This means, you have some time to kill before you board the plane. So what are some of the things to do while waiting for a flight? Depending on the size, there are MANY things you can do while waiting at an airport. Large airports are my favourite. With smaller airports, you may need to be a bit more creative. And of course,…

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0 In Beauty

Taming My Rosacea: Graydon Skincare Review

Graydon Skincare Review - Graydon Skincare Products

I recently saw a post about the Graydon Skincare company, based out of Toronto. What intrigued me was that it has several skincare products for rosacea-prone skin, like mine. And so I was very excited to try out and share this Graydon Skincare review with others who might be dealing with the same condition. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended. While…

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1 In Dad Pipes In

Three Dads Tell It Like It Is: Parenting From Dad’s Perspective

Parenting from Dad's Perspective

When it comes to advertising, it’s nice to finally see Dads being represented as capable of parenting. Finally! With Father’s Day drawing near, it got me thinking about parenting from dad’s perspective. We hear much about it from moms, but now, we’re starting to see dads more and more talk about being good parents and on other topics related to parenting. Parenting From Dad’s Perspective With a change in advertising, this is now a golden time for Canadian Dad bloggers.…

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